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About us


Nice to meet you!

We are a small family business in Romania, a country located in south-eastern Europe.
For more than 7 years, we have been supplying truffles for clients all over the world, developing partnerships with businesses in Europe, Australia and Asia.


Our Truffles

The truffles we sell are picked up from one of the most isolated places worldwide, the secular forests in the Carpathian mountains (25% of Europe’s virgin forests are on the territory of Romania).
Their growth in a natural and unique environment, barely visited by humans, enriches the truffles found here with unique qualities like the tremendous flavor and prominent smell – especially the White Truffle or Piedmont Truffle, which is one of the best in the world, and distinct from any of the kinds you had tasted before.



The key-asset of our business is the speed with which we deliver our products in any location worldwide. Our years of experience have shown us that a lot of qualities of the truffles, which have a short lifespan, get altered during the process of transportation between the providers, their way to the international markets and finally, the actual clients.
So therefore, right after we pick up the truffles, we wrap them up and send them over to their final destination. This way we eliminate any other intermediary phase, and we provide a great degree of freshness for the products, and a more extended life period. It’s like having your personal garden in the back of your house, and not being confined to go to the market.

At BioPico Truffles, the respect for nature and the quality of the products are the most cherished values.
The principles we follow have earned us the trust of many businesses on international level. Accompanied by specially trained dogs, we go truffle hunting in virgin areas of the Romanian forests, where the unpolluted and favorable environment in the region holds the perfect growth conditions for the species of truffles.